Friday, March 16, 2012


Some time ago Sony made a mistake.Then instead of pulling it back they gave it a name and decided to market it.To say that Sony opened the doors of boo-ing on itself when it launched a folding tablet would not be off the mark.Ever since the Sony Tablet P left the factory,it's been inviting criticism everywhere it goes. So why did the folding tablet idea fall flat? To be honest,I do firmly believe that someone had to make tablets more portable and try out the folding tablets idea.But one can hardly say that Sony did justice to it.Dont get me wrong.Its probably not Sony's fault.And in the long run, it might even be a good thing for tablets .This is why I think Sony took the wrong step in the right direction.

First the wrong steps


One is because of several inches of dead plastic between the 2 halves of the screens.A smaller separation might have been easier to accept but there's a significant gap between the two screen which tends to annoy the user and takes the fun out of several apps,specially in games.
Secondly,though it weighs only 0.82lbs,its no light thing on your pockets.It leaves you with 550$ less and thats alota money for a tablet,even the best of tablets.(The new iPad costs less and has a lot more to boast about.)
The only thing better than a smart phone is a tablet,right?What if our tablets were as easy to take with us as our phones?The tablet P might not have many fans right now but once flexible screens become more common,newer versions of Tablet P might be more succesful.This could open a new field for tablets to compete in.Folding tablets might become as common as folding cell phones were back in the day.But all this only if Sony brings down the price to match its rivals prices.

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